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Where experience and innovation meet. KOSTAL has been one of the leading providers of inverters and energy storage systems since 2006. Currently, the company continues to pioneer the industry's advancements.

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Rely on our company's 100+ years of experience for exceptional results. Our customer-centered approach is the key to our excellence.

KOSTAL Solar Electric - Quality and Innovation. A brilliant combination 

In 2006, KOSTAL Solar Electric was born as an independent division of the KOSTAL Group, standing out ever since for its focus on intelligent energy generation and usage. Our commitment is centered around providing innovative solutions for the energy future, empowering our customers to generate clean and eco-friendly energy. Our technology not only benefits the planet but also enables our customers to be energy self-sufficient right from their own rooftops.

In order to provide our customers the finest service, we work in close collaboration with partners from various sectors, such as Smart Home. Quality is as crucial to us as customer satisfaction, which is why KOSTAL Solar Electric develops and produces in Germany to guarantee the highest quality standards. Porque la calidad es tan importante para nosotros como la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, KOSTAL Solar Electric desarrolla y produce en Alemania para poder garantizar los máximos estándares de calidad. Además, nuestros más de 100 años de experiencia como proveedor del sector del automóvil son una ventaja adicional.

We guarantee a superior and comprehensive experience. To ensure our customers and partners feel confident regarding the installation and setup of our products, we offer free training them with KOSTAL Solar Electric products - at several centers in Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

The German base for our parent company, KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik, is situated in Hagen meanwhile, the one for KOSTAL Solar Electric is in Freiburg im Breisgau. With over a century of business success since our foundation in 1912, we remain committed to continuing our legacy of excellence with the renowned KOSTAL quality in the future. 

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