Charging Plug AC Three-phase - 11.0kW- BLACK - Bluetooth+RFID+WIFI+OCPP 1.6 +4G

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Product Description

Bluetooth+RFID+WIFI +OCPP 1.6 +4G

Type 2

The AC EV charger is a new product launched by Fox ESS . The appearance of this product adopts a streamlined and simple design, which is more refined and glitzy. 

Through the App, car owners can choose the Bluetooth smart lock, timing charging function, or change it to plug-and-play mode. At the same time, it can monitor charging information, set EV charger parameters, bind equipment and authorization, and upgrade remote software.

Its power is 11.0W and has an output voltage of 400 V AC and a current of max. 16 A. It's highly secure, with IP65-rated anti-welding protection.

It has a warranty of 3 years. 

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