Solar Energy in Marbella: Efficiency and Sustainability in Urb. El Capricho.

In the El Capricho Urbanization in Marbella, the installation of a photovoltaic system was carried out in just three days by the technical team of Autoconsumo Solar on the southern part of the house to make the most of solar radiation.

The system's capacity is 5.18 kW, while the contracted capacity is 10.3 kW, ensuring a constant and reliable power supply. The role of the installed 6.0 kW three-phase inverter is to convert the solar energy captured by the 15 JA Solar panels of 345W into usable electricity for the household.

The strategic placement of these panels in the southern area ensures effective capture of solar radiation throughout the day. This planning translates into an average electrical consumption reduction of 75%, resulting in an 84% decrease in electricity bills for the homeowner.

Beyond the financial benefits, the installation of photovoltaic systems like this contributes to environmental sustainability and emissions reduction. This project highlights the feasibility and potential of solar energy, showing how it can transform the way we obtain energy and live our lives.

The change at the family level is significant, as they now use appliances like the oven, dishwasher, and washing machine during the day instead of at night. The photovoltaic system reduces the usage of air conditioning systems and helps maintain the home's temperature at a very low cost.



5,18 kW

Villa with a power capacity of 10.3 kW.


Installation of a three-phase Solaredge inverter with a capacity of 6 kW..

JA Solar

Installation of 15 JA Solar panels with a capacity of 540 W each.


​Average savings of 82% on electricity consumption.

This results in a 95% reduction in bills.

Do you want to save on your upcoming electricity bills?

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Installation of a photovoltaic system in Nueva Andalucía for a large company.