Autoconsumo Solar offers intelligent energy solutions that allow homeowners to generate their own electricity from photovoltaic systems installed on the roof. This enables them to reduce electricity costs, protect the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions, and rely less on conventional energy providers. The generated solar energy is ecological, free, and sustainable, enhancing the ecological balance of each home environment.​

Some of the reasons to install a solar energy system from Autoconsumo Solar include:

  1. Cost Reduction: Electricity generated from rooftop solar panels becomes more cost-effective over time compared to purchasing electricity from the conventional grid.
  2. ​Energy Independence: By generating their own electricity, households become less reliant on energy providers and the fluctuating market prices.
  3. Incentives and Subsidies: In many countries, including Spain, there are economic incentives, reimbursements, and subsidies that make investing in solar energy even more appealing and profitable.
  4. Positive Environmental Impact: Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy source that reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to environmental protection.
  5. Storage and Efficiency: The option of battery storage allows excess electricity generated during the day to be stored for nighttime use, enhancing system efficiency.
  6. Monitoring and Intelligent Management: Autoconsumo Solar systems leverage cutting-edge digital technology and the internet to optimize energy generation, provide storage solutions, and enable intelligent energy management within the home. Homeowners can monitor real-time electricity generation from any internet-connected device.
  7. Inverter Selection: Autoconsumo Solar offers a range of inverters to suit diverse needs and project specifications, from small-scale self-consumption systems to high-performance solar systems.
  8. Orientation Flexibility: Photovoltaic systems are no longer restricted to south-facing locations; they can also be installed facing east or west, broadening possibilities for solar panel placement.
  9. AIoT Technology: Autoconsumo Solar systems integrate AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technology for advanced monitoring and management, resulting in a more efficient and connected experience.

In summary, Autoconsumo Solar provides intelligent solar energy solutions that empower homeowners to generate their own electricity cost-effectively, sustainably, and environmentally friendly. These solutions also include storage, efficiency enhancement, and advanced energy management options.